Laura Sweeney, MS/MPA/MFA, facilitates Writers for Life in Iowa and Illinois. She represented the Iowa Arts Council at the First International Teaching Artist's Conference in Oslo, Norway. Her poems and prose appear in sixty plus journals and ten anthologies in the States, Canada, Britain, Indonesia, and China. Her recent awards include a scholarship to the Sewanee Writer's Conference.  In 2021, she received an Editor's Prize in Flash Discourse from Open: Journal of Arts & Letters; Poetry Society of Michigan's Barbara Sykes Memorial Humor Award; and two of her poems appear in the anthology Impact: Personal Portraits of Activism, winner of the American Book Fest Best Book Award, Current Events, 2021 .  She is a PhD candidate, English/Creative Writing, at Illinois State University. 


Anthologized Poems

  • “She Works Her Way Up the Ranks.” We’ve Always Done It! Poems About Wartime Women, edited by Leah Angstman, Alternating Current Press, (forthcoming.)
  • “Prayer for the Woman in the Coop.” Women Speak: Volume 7: Women of Appalachia Project, edited by Kari Gunter-Seymour, Sheila-Na-Gig Editions, 2021, pp. 116-117.
  • “Ashley Judd Goes to College,” and “I Think of Lyn Lifshin.” Impact: Personal Portraits of Activism, edited by Michelle Duster and Trina Sotira, MuseWrite Press, 2020, pp. 75, 175.
  • “From the Gateway Hotel Patio,” and “Starry Night.” Last Call: The Anthology of Beer, Wine, & Spirits Poetry, edited by James Bertolino, World Enough Writers, 2018, pp. 203-204, 235.
  • “Lessons Learned in the RFETS Closure Project.” Nuclear Impact: Broken Atoms in Our Hands, edited by Teresa Mei Chuc, Shabda Press, 2017, p. 199.
  • “Beige,” and “Starry Night.” It’s About Time, edited by Kathie Giorgio, Main Street Rag, 2016, p. 195-196.
  • “Miss Laura Considers an Elixir of Love.” In the Words of Womyn International, edited by Jenuine Poetess and Sarah F. Moran, Yellow Chair Press, 2016, p.56.

Anthologized Creative Nonfiction

  • “7AM with My Dog Freya in the Time of COVID.” Pandemic Moments, edited by Yvonne Lehman, Grace Publishing, Sept. 2020, pp.99-101.
  • “F Is For.” Farmscape: The Changing Rural Environment, edited by Mary Swander, Ice Cube Press, 2012.

Peer-Reviewed Poems

  • “At Storm Lake’s Star Spangled Spectacular,” and “In Lockdown I am Grateful For.” Journal of Poetry Therapy (forthcoming.)
  • "Ode for the Virtual Communities," and "Yodel for my Brother." Poetry Virginia (forthcoming.)
  • "Last Night of Dinner at the Writer's in Common Conference." Evening Street Review (forthcoming.)
  • “Ghazal: In the Liminal,” “On Becoming a Woman Writer,” and “I Am Toni Jo Henry.” Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies, vol. 42, no. 1, 2022, pp.148-150.
  • “How to Know You’re Doing Fine.” Poetry South, Issue 13, 2021, p. 39.
  • “How to Survive Being a Tax Gal (When You Really Wannabe a Poet).” I-70 Review, Summer/Fall, 2021.
  • “At the Madison County Covered Bridge Festival.” Plainsongs, vol. 41, no. 2, Summer 2021, p. 26.
  • “Jesse’s Letter to America,” “How to Cope with a Dr. Queen B.,” and “Miss Laura Considers No Longer Being a Protest Virgin.” Adanna, Women and Politics, 2021.
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  • “At Your Cancer Recheck I Consider.” Harpur Palate, vol. 19, no. 1, Fall 2019, p.86.
  • “Before I Knew Our Future.” Potomac Review, Issue #64, Spring 2019, p.38.
  • “Broken October.” Appalachia, Winter/Spring 2019, p.157.
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  • “Worker Bees.” Pilgrimage, vol. 38, Issue 1, 2014, p.14.

Peer-Reviewed Creative Nonfiction

  • "How to Have a Throwing Away Party." Impost: A Journal of Creative and Critical Work (forthcoming.)
  • "On Mom & Ghosts." Door is a Jar (forthcoming.)
  • “Something Like This.” Rock & Sling, vol. 14, no. 1, Spring 2019, p.29.